The most important part for testing and certification according to the European Recreational Craft Directivee is the technical documentation according the Annex IX of the directive.

Mention only technical documentation with proof of compliance with legally binding standards, good practices and recognized methods of calculation result in legal certainty and act in accordance with the limitation of liability; Checklists without a photo documentation do not meet this requirement.

SWISS LLOYD has the setup to ensure that expert technical documentation is developed by means of close and trustworthy cooperation between the specialists of our "Determination of conformity / inspection" area with yacht designers, boat manufacturers and manufacturers of accessories. (Requirements list can be found at the download area).
The technical documentation is not accessible to the buyers market. You remain with the manufacturer and / or at SWISS LLOYD and can only be viewed by the supervisory authority or the court; The confidential handling of documents, technical solutions and design details is therefore guaranteed.

Contact us for the right export to help you being prepared.

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